Realtors: Never Underestimate The Growing Spanish-Speaking Market

Aurora Aguilar
3 min readAug 11, 2020


From 2012 to 2017, homeownership among Spanish-speaking residents in Florida grew by over 20%. Any way you slice it, that’s a massive piece of the market that, honestly, doesn’t get the marketing it really needs. Hispanic buyers lead every other major ethnic group in America in terms of market growth. That kind of number means one big thing: massive opportunities for savvy real estate agents.

Those numbers are much more concentrated across the state of Florida. The Hispanic community is expected to account for about 23% of the Sunshine State’s entire population by 2030. And Florida’s racing toward that number every day. With Florida Hispanics outpacing the state’s non-Hispanic white and black populations in the next 25 years, overlooking these buyers isn’t only shortsighted, it’s actively costing you money.

Why Spanish-Targeted Marketing Matters

Real-estate agents are some of the hardest-working hustlers in modern business. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into it, and that can lead to tunnel vision. We put on our blinkers, focus on the job at hand, and work hard at making those sales.

Good advice to any new realtor, but you might end up missing on some good opportunities if you focus on one “sure-fire market” every day. One of the quickest-growing markets in the industry is among Hispanic buyers, but this growth’s been relatively sudden and agents still tend to overlook it.

Want to make a real connection with potential Hispanic homebuyers? Then it’s time to market your real estate brand with them in mind:

  • Take advantage of social media. Much like most other ethnic groups, you’re more likely to find Hispanic customers on major social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all work very well. With an endless stream of great new platforms being released every year, realtors are constantly finding innovative ways to make sales.
  • Use billboards and display advertising to target Hispanic residents. This kind of public marketing content works best when you research areas with large numbers of potential buyers and advertise there.
  • Online marketing. Paid search ads, YouTube videos, and influencer outreach are all good options for making a connection with Hispanic buyers. Add SEO to that, and you’ve got a great digital foothold…

Spanish SEO

A winning marketing strategy is to put more of a focus on improving and optimizing your real estate website for Spanish SEO keywords. We all know SEO is basically essential for any business trying to get ahead, online, right now, but the language you use is important, too.

There are hundreds of millions of results for phrases like “Orlando homes for sale”, many of these used by big-name real estate businesses. It might sound like a good idea to shoot for the moon and try to compete with the big guys on the block, but this would take time and might not even work out if you aren’t consistent with it.

Alternatively, you could target the user Googling “compra de casas en orlando”. The numbers are still high (roughly 66,600,000 results), but much lower in comparison and, as we’ve pointed out, you’re now targeting a rapidly-growing buyer base with huge potential and not-nearly enough targeted marketing,

By taking advantage of Spanish keywords, you generate leads from potential buyers with a statistically-proven likelihood of making actual purchases. SEO is an active process and can take a little work to set up, but the effects are longlasting and well worth it.

Marketing Your Real Estate Services To Spanish-Speaking Homeowners

There’s one real estate tip every Floridaagent should consider: think outside of the box, especially when there are nearly 6,000 potential buyers outside of that box. If you’re a realtor agent working in Orlando and the phrase “Venta de casas en Orlando” isn’t part of your marketing, you’re missing out.



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