The Best Collagen Powder for Better Skin and Weight Loss

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Finding the best supplements for smooth skin and healthy hair can be a tricky process. Throw in weight loss, and finding the magic bullet seems pretty unlikely. That is unless you ‘ve read up on collagen peptides in the last few years.

Collagen promotes improved skin elasticity and helps provide structure to your joints and tendons. It’s also a proven solution for suppressing hunger pangs and helps to keep you stocked on healthy, stomach-filling proteins.

In today’s article, we look at one of the leading up-and-coming names in the collagen peptide market: Besha Inc.’s Collagen Peptides.

Besha Inc: A Quality Product For Better Results

Described as “The highest quality collagen you will find in the market,” Besha Inc’s collagen peptides have a lot to live up to. Luckily for them (and all of us), it does so very well.

The company is confident enough in its product that they actually offer an eight-week money-back guarantee. Compared to other similar skin products, Besha starts with deep penetration through the dermis. Stimulating natural collagen production for healthier-looking skin, it’s clear this product is special.

And, after a few weeks of testing the product ourselves, we were happy to find that the results of Besha’s collagen stimulation certainly show. Besha users reported increased procollagen type I. They also experienced smoother skin. We experienced stronger hair with more body, manageable appetites, and fewer stiff joints.

What Makes It Great For Weight Loss

The first thing collagen does for your diet, in whatever form you take it, is to fill you up. Research shows collagen protein peptides are not only filling but may be more satiating than other standard forms of protein.

Not only that but collagen also fills users up for longer. With many other supplements, the proteins being used may produce an instant feeling of being full, but that sensation tends not to last very long. Collagen boasts longer-lasting effects, with natural ingredients. This is opposed to the artificial additives of their competitors. These are tasteless, unsweetened, can be introduced to any glass of water, and are effective.

Because clean collagen helps to keep you feeling full, it works wonders for maintaining good habits during a diet. You also won’t need any help from other substances, so there’s less standing in the way of your results. When you keep your supplements simple, the results are easier to map out, keep up with, and bounce back to if you fall off the wagon.

It’s also been suggested that collagen may help to actively suppress the appetite. Users reported reduced appetite and diabetic patients are even able to maintain and reduce their weight by eating less. Suppressing the hormones that lead to hunger doesn’t mean weight loss right away. But it definitely makes it easier to fight off cravings and make responsible decisions.

The Besha Difference

As a leading collagen powder, Besha is made from some of the highest quality collagen peptides available anywhere. With natural ingredients and a formula developed in a German lab, this is a perfect supplement when it comes to weight loss.

Scientifically tested to guarantee high purity, the product itself is crafted from pork collagen. With studies in the American Library of Medicine backing up its formula, Besha is the cream of the crop in natural, expertly-made products. What that means for weight watchers is better results, fewer chemicals, and a more predictable experience.

Ask anybody who’s ever lost weight on a wholistic diet and workout routine, and they’ll say the same thing: protein intake is crucial. Getting enough protein in your diet while trying to lose weight is important as it helps to maintain lean body mass.

Protein is also a very satiating macronutrient. Clinical studies have shown that individuals with more protein in their diets tend to consume lower glycemic foods as well. With natural pork sources as well as a proven recipe, it’s little wonder this peptide shows such great potential in the weight loss field.

What Makes It Perfect For Your Skin

Of course, the other major focus when it comes to collagen peptides is on improving your overall hair and skin health. For many taking collagen supplements, the big goal is improving their overall appearance. This product strengthens the skin and increases elasticity.

There have been many articles written on the restorative benefits of collagen peptides for hair and skin. Collagen supplements have been shown to help reduce the effects of aging by reducing wrinkles and easing out fine lines. It does this by helping to moisturize the skin, promoting better elasticity, and a smoother overall appearance.

A study in the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals expanded on these findings. It showed several subjects taking hydrolyzed collagen and various vitamins and minerals, showed a statistically significant reduction in wrinkle depth. Participants experienced improved hydration and better overall elasticity, for improved overall skin quality.

In Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, the journal examined the effects of collagen supplements on woman’s skin. Here, two groups of women took either a collagen supplement or a placebo over the course of eight weeks. Once those eight weeks were done, the women who had been taking the supplement experienced higher elasticity and more supple skin.

The Besha Difference

To help prove our point, let’s start with a few numbers. During tests, Besha Collagen Peptides have been found to increase collagen levels in the body by as much as 65% in the space of about eight weeks. Not only that, but test subjects using the supplement versus those taking placebos were found to have nearly 18% more elastin. This is another component crucial to your skin’s elasticity.

So what is it that makes this supplement so much more effective for skincare than its competition? Developed in a German lab to specific scientific standards, this product does what it says on the label: rejuvenate from within. Besha offers high quality, non-allergenic, non-GMO, gluten-free product standards. And that translates into better results, first and foremost in your skin, nails, and eyes.

Besha increases collagen levels by 65% and elastin levels by 18% after eight weeks in a scientific study in the U.S. Library of Medicine. The website also gives you a link to published results and allows you to submit any questions or concerns you may have.

Add Besha’s eight-week money-back guarantee on all products, and you’ll see what makes this the best collagen powder for skin and weight loss.



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